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Toggle to Joy

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In sync.  Out of sync.  In sync.   Some days my outer light flashes green and red like my wifi connection needing to be re-synced.  Funny thing is that the inner light of joy is always on – like the internet is there waiting for me to reconnect.  Your inner being is always joyful and loving.  It is the connection between the inner and outer that fails.  When our inner light shines through to the outside, we feel joy.  When we drop out of joy, it’s time to re-sync.

I call that connection re-sync to the inner light, Toggling.   On your electronic device you can toggle between screens.  When we are paying attention, we can toggle between the inner and outer screens of our awareness.  We can toggle between the screen of Always Joyful Inner light, spiritual center, Soul or whatever you call it to the outer light of Sometimes Joyful ego- personality.   I notice that I just barked at someone. “oops!  I just dropped my Joy Connection.”    Usually these days, I stay in joy most of the time.  Sometimes, though, I notice my dropped connection more often.

Someone cuts me off in traffic and I cuss.  Yikes – just dropped my joy connection.   Toggle to Joy.  I am way short of sleep and I grouse at the kids.  Oops – Toggle to Joy.

If my internet provider dropped my wifi connection as often as I drop my connection to my joyful center, I would get a new internet provider.  However, I am my own connector to my joyful spiritual center through my awareness.

Personal mastery is not that you never drop the connection to your joyful spiritual center, but how quickly you get the connection back.  Personal Mastery is a process – not a destination – and toggling is a tool for your tool belt of personal mastery.

I am offering two opportunities to play with Toggling in my Toggle to Joy workshops:

Sunday, April 3, 2:00-3:30pm
Unity North Spiritual Center
11499 Martin Dr. Coon Rapids MN
Cost:  Suggested Love Offering $20

Tuesday, April 26, 6:30-8:00pm Save the Date!
Anoka Ramsey Community College
Integrative Health & Healing
Complementary & Alternative Medicine Club
Student Services Bldg.  Riverview Rm SC200
11200 Mississippi Blvd. NW, Coon Rapids MN
Cost:  No charge

Please join us for one of these Toggle workshops so you stay in joy more often too!

Call me with questions or to pre-register.  651-472-3995

The light in me sees the light in you!  Namaste!  Leah

Nurturing Your Spiritual Health


bright sunYou’ve been there. You had peaceful thoughts and felt connected to your Spiritual Center – then something changed and you lost it. Some days, your peaceful feeling changes like Minnesota weather patterns. Sixty and sunny changes to thirty and snowy in a few hours. Some days we lose it entirely.   I recently facilitated a small group discussion on how to reconnect to your Spiritual Center when you lose it. I want to share the group’s insights with you.

At the Lakes Area Women in Business monthly meeting, we drew on member’s expertise to discuss Physical, Mental/Emotional and Spiritual Health. I was asked to facilitate a small group discussion of Spiritual Health and report our collective wisdom back to the large group.

When I asked our small group what Spiritual Health feels like, most people seemed to know the feeling in their gut and in their hearts. Spiritual Health feels like a sense of calmness, where you breathe easily, with no feeling of constriction. You can see Spiritual Health on another’s peaceful face. Spiritual Health also includes a feeling of connection to a deeper part of yourself and connection to others outside of yourself. You feel centered, grounded and whole.

I asked the small group, “What do you do to get back to your Spiritual Center when you lose it?”

The group’s collective wisdom for staying spiritually healthy fell into five categories:

  • Physical wellbeing: Honoring your physical body through exercise, yoga and massage.
  • Meditation: Taking quiet time, deep breathing, listening to music, going home to where you feel grounded, getting out in nature, stepping back to observe and not letting the outside in, soaking in a hot tub with a glass of wine.
  • Intention: Prevention – start the day with prayer, prioritize and plan your day, intend that you will stay centered and in the flow today.
  • Gratitude: At the end of the day, review what the best part of the day was for you, keep a gratitude journal, express appreciation for the good that you have.
  • Love: Connect to others, hang with the dogs for pet therapy, family meal time, express unconditional love.

The group highlighted the basics. Take care of your body which is the physical vessel of your spirit. Take time to quiet your mind and emotions. Be intentional about how you spend your time. Count your blessings. Express love.  That is a basic recipe for Spiritual Health. What will you do to nurture your spiritual health today?